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The Professional Company is a group of Dancer’s EDGE students who compete in various regional competitions throughout the Midwest. They also have the potential to attend Nationals each Summer. They are students who LOVE to dance and want the fastest track to becoming a strong, technical dancer.

Due to both its time and financial commitment, in addition to the high level of technical mastery needed for the program, ProCo is not intended for most dancers looking for a competition dance program. Instead, it is designed for a small subset of students who have a passion for dance and may want to consider auditioning for college dance programs/teams and/or dance professionally later in life. This level of technical skill requires many years of high level training, which was not previously offered in Eastern Iowa. ProCompany is designed to fill that void for students who want a strong spring board into their next chapter of dancing.

We strive to offer our ProCompany dancers the very best in weekly instruction, master classes, top-notch choreography, and great competition experiences. Dancers learn teamwork, responsibility, and dedication, in addition to developing lasting friendships with their teammates and other Company members.



2019-2020 Auditions!

Friday, May 10th, 2019
5:00-6:30pm • ProCo Junior
6:30-8:30pm • ProCo Teen & Senior

Forms are due 24 hours before auditions begin. For questions about which time slot to sign up for, please send an email to



+ Who is eligible for Pro Company?

Students generally need to have reached a minimum of Level 5 before we would recommend having them audition for ProCo. Outside students are more than welcome to attend our auditions if they have reached an equivalent level at their respective studio. Please contact if you have further questions.

+ What is the time commitment?

ProCompany members are required to participate in both the Summer and School Year sessions. Details on weekly time commitment, according to the student's level, are listed below. All blocks include a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical/Contemporary training in addition to conditioning/flexibility, audition prep, musicality training and other programs.

ProCompany Junior 2.5 hour blocks on 2 weeknights + Sunday afternoon competition rehearsals, including Company Technique class.

ProCompany Teen & Senior 2.5 hour blocks on 3 weeknights + Sunday afternoon competition rehearsals, including Company Technique class.