Parent Info & FAQ's

Thank you for choosing the Dancer’s EDGE! We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with your child and help foster their love of dance. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information below and reach out to us if you have any questions. We've also prepared a downloadable info sheet for you to use as a quick reference. Click below for a copy!

Thank you for helping our studio run smoothly and safely!


Make sure you never miss an important date or activity at The Dancer's EDGE! Check out our STUDIO CALENDAR to stay up-to-date.


Our front desk is staffed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:15-7:15pm and Tuesdays from 4:15-8:00pm to happily assist with the following:

  • Class Registrations

  • Tuition Payments/Account Questions

  • Locker Rentals

  • Private Lesson Punch Cards

  • General Questions (Studio Room Locations, etc.)


Monthly Tuition Payments
The school-year session is composed of 36 weeks of instruction divided into 9 equal payments - the first due at registration and the 8 subsequent payments due the first class in every month (Oct-May). We do not charge any type of registration or membership fee.

The Dancer’s EDGE accepts Checking Account ACH, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Paper checks are not accepted. Statements will be emailed on the first of the month, please ensure that you are opening and reading your statements regularly. Feel free to inquire at the front desk regarding the status of your account at any time.

A 3% late fee will be assessed to families with an account balance over 30 days past due.

Costume Payments
Recital Costume payments are due November 1st. We understand the need to keep costumes as affordable as possible, and we require our instructors to choose costumes under certain price limits depending on the level of the class. We cannot, however, control the rising cost of costumes and shipping/handling. No refunds will be allowed on costumes once orders have been placed.

Costume Fee Includes Tights (if applicable) and shipping/handling. 7% sales tax will be added.

  • Tinies Costume: $65

  • Level 1-4 Costume: $70

  • Level 5+ Costume: $75

Class Discounts
At the Dancer’s EDGE, we strive to enable all students to become the best dancers they can be. Often times this level of technique is only achieved when multiple classes across different disciplines are taken each week. Because of this emphasis on solid technical work, the Dancer’s EDGE offers the following discounts:



Regular attendance is imperative to a dancer's ability to develop strength and technique, and families are busier than ever these days, so we strive to make it as easy as possible to make up missed lessons! The student is responsible for the full tuition amount, regardless of attendance.

Students may make up a missed lesson in another class of equal or lesser level. You do not need to contact us ahead of time if your student will be making up a missed class, just drop in and the teacher will record the makeup in our attendance system! Please note that each class works on a different Recital routine. So once classes have begun working on Recital routines (after November 1st), your student will not be able to use a makeup class option to get caught up on their own routine, but the makeup class is still helpful to continue to work on the student’s technique.

Note: Company & Entourage members have a separate attendance policy and absence form that should be adhered to if your student is in our competition or performing team programs.


Female Tinies
Any color leotard, tights, black tap shoes, ballet pink ballet shoes

Male Tinies 
Any color t-shirt or tank, any color shorts or moveable pants (no jeans), black tap shoes, black ballet shoes

Any color leotard, tights, ballet pink ballet shoes. Tight fitting shorts or ballet skirts are permissible. Students in Ballet 4 and above must wear hair in a well-secured and neat bun.

Any color leotard, convertible tights, tan jazz shoes. Tight fitting shorts are permissible. Students in Ballet 4 and above must wear hair in a well-secured and neat bun.

Tap/Hip Hop
T-shirt/tank, shorts/pants, black tap shoes or hip hop shoes (respectively)

Male Students
Any color t-shirt or tank, any color athletic shorts or jazz pants, and appropriate black shoes for the genre (ballet, jazz, tap or hip hop)

All items above can be purchased in EDGE Apparel 

All students must be in proper attire and appropriate dance shoes with hair neatly pulled back in order to participate in class. No chewing gum, jewelry, or dangly earrings. Please label ALL of your student’s dance shoes.


Once registered, your first month’s tuition payment holds your place in class. Our system allows a 24 hour window from your initial registration session during which you can make changes to your student’s class schedule. After that, you'll need to contact to change your student’s class enrollment.

Notify us in writing (i.e. email) if your child no longer wants to continue with the class. You will be responsible for the remainder of that month’s tuition, however billing will cease on the 1st of the following month so families do NOT owe for the remainder of the year. In the event you have pre-paid additional tuition, it will be left as a credit on your Dancer's EDGE account for future use.

The Dancer’s EDGE reserves the right to cancel classes with seven or fewer people, and in this instance, you will receive a full tuition refund.


The Dancer’s EDGE will generally follow the Cedar Rapids Community School district’s decision in the event of bad weather, though we do reserve the right to make our own call if conditions change throughout the day. All inquiries as to the status of classes may be answered by calling the studio voicemail, checking our website, or checking our social media. These classes may be made up in an alternate class time of an equal or lesser level.


We're super proud of our facility and happy to share it with our dancers and families every day! Read on to learn more about our amenities and how to help us care for our beautiful space.

Large Viewing Windows
Most of our studio rooms offer large viewing windows so parents can observe their students in class. Studio A and Studio I have limited viewing, but are generally used only for classes with students in Level 5+. Please help ensure that students in the class can stay focused by not allowing siblings to bang on windows from the lobby, run toy cars along the windows etc. as all of those noises can be heard by the dancers.

Food & Beverage
Our lovely Café provides a dedicated space for food and beverages. NO eating or drinking is allowed in the lobby, dancer’s lounge or studio rooms, with the exception of water. Students and siblings must pick up any wrappers or trash upon leaving the Café in order to keep the area clean for other dancers.

Lost & Found
Items left at the studio will be placed in the Lost & Found located in the Dancer’s Lounge. The Lost & Found is cleaned out and items donated semi-annually - after Recital in June and again over Holiday Break. Please check the Lost & Found bin if your student cannot locate one of their belongings. We recommend that parents label all dance shoes, attire, and other belongings with their student’s name. Please secure your valuables and do not leave them unattended. Keys and electronics found will be kept at the front desk. The Dancer’s EDGE is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Locker Rentals
We offer lockers in our Dancer’s Lounge that are available for rental. Please stop by the front desk to fill out a locker rental agreement. Mandatory locker clean out and key turn- in occurs during the last week of May each year. The cost for a locker for September 2018 - May 2019 is $90.00 plus sales tax.

Baby Changing Stations
We offer baby changing stations in both the men’s restroom and the north women’s restroom (located behind the front desk).

Complimentary WiFi
Free Wifi is available in our lobby by selecting the network “EDGE Public”. No password is required to use the Wifi. It is high speed internet, but please note that during peak times there can be as many as 300 devices trying to connect to our Wifi, so that inherently slows down the bandwidth available during certain evening hours.

Parking Lot & Drop-Off Lane
We LOVE our new, large parking lot, but still need patron cooperation to help it flow smoothly for all guests. Please do not leave cars unattended in the drop off lane, even for just a few minutes. Please park your vehicle in a parking space if you need to get out of your car. Please drive slowly and be cautious as young children may be entering/exiting the building. Please also follow all directional arrows to ensure proper traffic flow.

Lobby Etiquette
Our studio is blessed to have wide hallways with lots of comfortable seating throughout. However, during peak class times, it seems like the hallways can never be big enough! Please help everyone have an enjoyable lobby experience by adhering to the following:

  • Siblings must be supervised by an adult at all times in the hallways, café, and parking lot. Please do not allow running, jumping on the furniture, putting feet on the walls, hanging on the front desk, or standing on the tables in the café. That makes Mr. Charlie cry!

  • Absolutely no food or beverage is allowed in the hallways. Please use the café.

  • Dance Bags:

    • Dance Bags for Tiny Dancers can go into the studio rooms or stay with the parent.

    • Dance Bags for Level 1+ students must be placed in the Dancer’s Lounge cubbies or lockers, not in the hallways or studio room.


We know starting something new can be tough, especially when it involves fitting wiggly little toes into tights. We're here to help your Tinies first dance experience be a perfect one!

Does my Tiny Dancer need all necessary attire for the first week of class?
We're super flexible on Tiny Dancer attire for the first month of the session as some students may be waiting for their shoe orders to come in or the parent would like to hold off on purchasing items until they see if their young Tiny Dancer is comfortable continuing in class. Tinies who do not have shoes yet are encouraged to go barefoot or wear a pair of socks (footed tights can be very slick on the floor). The student doesn't really get the full class experience unless they have the proper attire (i.e. tap shoes), but we trust parents to outfit their Dancer on a time table that works for their family. Tinies who do not have a leotard the first week of class are allowed to wear a t-shirt and shorts.

What do we do when we arrive for our first class?
First, locate your student’s classroom on the Tinies class schedule, and locate your dancers room by using the room letter indicators above each studio room door. Next, help your dancer put on their tap shoes (Tinies will always start with their Tap shoes on and then switch to Ballet shoes after the first 15 minutes of class). Dancers will then wear their ballet shoes for the remainder of class. Parents or TA’s can help students change their shoes until they are old enough to do so on their own. 

What is your policy on parents being in the studio room?
Aside from Teeny Tinies (which is designed for Mommy/Daddy and Me), generally parents will remain in the lobby and can view the entire class through our viewing windows. If your Tiny Dancer is having a hard time getting started the first few weeks (totally normal!), it may be helpful for you to pop in the room until they get involved enough in the class for you to sneak out. This may take 15min or it may take a couple weeks of class, but it’s not uncommon for students to take awhile to warm-up to an activity. We promise they'll be having fun and learning all about the joys of dance in no time!

If you have any questions that weren't answered above, shoot us a message and we'd be happy to help. Thanks for being part of our EDGE family!